“I had scouted Sam Marsonek (SIB – Director of Player Development) since his senior year of high school in 1996 all the way through the end of his professional career. The transformation I saw from a careless young man to one of the most caring men I know is astounding.This opportunity that Sam is providing to young men will be invaluable not only on the baseball field to develop their talents, but also developing them to be men who will have proper values in life.I am proud to put my name behind Sam and his tremendous team of men at SCORE International Baseball.”

Damon Oppenheimer
Vice President Scouting
New York Yankees

“Score Baseball is a life changing organization. They put Jesus Christ first while teaching the game of baseball the right way. Young men will be changed from the inside out that will help them on and off the baseball diamond.”

Rob Mummau
Seattle Mariners
Area Scout/Minor League Manager

“If I had a son looking to play summer ball, SCORE International would be the organization I would trust to send him to. Not only to become a better player, be seen by college and professional scouts, but also become a better person. I highly recommend Sam and his staff if you are looking for a fulfilling summer ball experience.”

Ronnie Merrill
Area Scout
San Francisco Giants

“Coach Sam (SIB – Director of Player Development) is everything a young player needs in a role model, coach and mentor. He instilled in me the importance of having Jesus Christ as the cornerstone in every area of my life.He did not shy away from tough love and worked his tail off preparing me for the struggles of life. He went above and beyond his normal responsibilities as a coach to make sure that I had every opportunity to play at the next level.His involvement in my life and initiative on my behalf was central to my college and pro exposure. I never went to any showcases and played for a very small school but it didn’t seem to matter because I had Coach Sam.I remember getting phone calls from D1 coaches that had never seen me play offering me scholarships purely because Coach Sam’s evaluation of me was the only thing they needed. I believe that if you have the talent, he will get you to the next level. But if you aren’t willing to sacrifice for your dream, this program isn’t for you.”

Peter Miller                                                                                                              RHP Florida State                                                                                                                               

I had the opportunity to work with and be around Brian (SIB – Pitching Coordinator) for just over a year. From being around him you will find out that he’s passionate about three things: Christ, his family and baseball. He has the tools and knowledge to not only mold kids into great baseball players, but better people as well.

Stephen Dezzi
University of Tampa

I have known Brian (SIB – Pitching Coordinator) for several years. His career had many and highs and lows, but one thing was a constant throughout, his character.He is someone I have trusted with my own son, and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to be challenged to be a better person and ball player. He is able to translate his many years of playing to usable knowledge for his players.He is a tremendous ambassador for playing the game with respect and passion.

Kevin Barr
Tampa Bay Rays
Major League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

I have had the honor of knowing Brian Reith (current SIB – Pitching Coordinator) for 12 years. We first met after Brian was traded from the New York Yankees to the Cincinnati Reds in July, 2000. Brian pitched for me in Chattanooga and again in Louisville.I had the privilege of being there as Brian was promoted to the major leagues. He had a quiet passion when he competed on the mound. He had a loud passion for Christ by the way he lived his life.I know Brian, the former major league pitcher now. He works well with kids and still walks an exemplary Christian life.He and his wife Kellie are proud new parents and continue to give of themselves every day. I would encourage young men to work with Brian from a baseball perspective knowing they will gain much more than baseball skills.

Mack Jenkins
Major League Assistant Pitching Coach
Cincinnati Reds